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My Approach

The best data are worthless if people can't make sense of what to do with it. As a sociologist and expert in gender and social inequality, I leverage my strong writing and speaking skills, translating rigorous evidence for public audiences and decision-makers.


I have nearly 15 years of global cross-functional experience in academia, philanthropy, the federal government, large international NGOs, and small nonprofits.


I see data and storytelling as essential tools to catalyze organizational learning and inspire social change. ​​


I partner with foundations, NGOs, nonprofits, and corporations to catalyze organizational learning, measure social impact, conduct learn-by-doing workshops, and use evidence to inspire action.


As a trained academic, I'm accomplished in designing and conducting mixed-methods research projects from ideation to execution including:

  • Literature reviews

  • Data collection (interviews, focus groups, surveys, experimental methods)

  • Qualitative and quantitative data analysis 

  • Synthesizing findings


I support all phases of the evaluation life cycle, such as:

  • Developing evaluation frameworks

  • Creating measurable outcomes and logic models

  • Conducting formative/process and summative evaluations

  • Impact measurement

External Advisement to Donors and Organizations

I offer custom training, education, and facilitation in my areas of expertise:

  • Global trends in gender inequality

  • Gender identity and sexuality hot topics (e.g., bathroom bills, trans athletes, global anti-LGBT legislation, the orgasm gap)

  • Gender in the military 

  • Inequality in education-to-workforce transitions

Reach out to see how I can support your needs!

Let's talk! Please contact me to discuss pricing and my availability.

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